Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Praise God for our first day in Mineros!

Hello senders!  We have had a wonderful first day in Mineros! We arrived safely this morning after having an adventurous trip to the airport in Cochabamba due to road blocks. God was with us the whole time! James and Pastor Jaime were great navigators, praise God! We were warmly greeted by Pastor Esteban and had a safe drive to Mineros. We shared lunch together with Esteban and Evelyn and then rested before going to a village nearby to host an outreach to children with the Compassion team. What a Spirit - led outreach filled with laughter and the love of Jesus! I was able to meet my Compassion child and what an honor that was. We will deliver the gifts sent by other oslc sponsors tomorrow and Friday. The training session at the church tonight was Christ-centered. It is encouraging to see the people of this precious church wanting to grow.

We don't have regular access to internet in Mineros. James is kindly letting me use his cell phone to type this to you now. We will not be able to post many photos from here but we will try to write a daily update. We love you and thank you for your ongoing prayers.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hiking in the beautiful Andes Mountains...donde esta Diane?

Pastors and wives breakfast on Monday Morning

 Over 20 pastors and their wives from the UCE Denomination came to a Monday morning breakfast hosted by our team. The theme was 'Resting in Jesus.'
 Dr. Peggy Hothem teaching pastors and their wives about the important of Sabbath rest.  The pastors were encouraged to make time for rest each week for the sake of their marriage, children and ministry.  Rest is only found in Jesus!
Pastor Jensen sharing with the pastors and their wives about the need for rest in the Lord.

'Answered prayers' by Kerry

Good morning from a sunny & warm Cochabamba!

It has been a busy & Spirit filled time with the congregation at Florida Norte these past few days, and it is a true gift to be here once again. I’ll admit that I was nervous I had over committed myself when I felt the Lord calling me to both Jackson, MS and Bolivia this summer with only two days in between the trips. I figured two days would give me enough time to get some sleep, do laundry and repack my clothes into my suitcase, and get some grocery shopping done. Well I got two out of the three tasks done, but just couldn't make it to the grocery store. As I got on the plane Wednesday morning headed for Bolivia, I was exhausted. I had no idea how I was going to rally for another 10 days away from home. I was also not prepared for all that I was supposed to be sharing with the congregation at Florida Norte. I began praying on the plane for strength, energy, peace, and preparedness that could come only from the Lord—and He answered!! I very clearly heard him say “Kerry where you are weak, I am strong and you may not have all the words to share with Florida Norte yet, but I do.” It was difficult, but I had to fully put my trust in that and let go of all my anxiety, stress and fear.

I have had the opportunity to lead a devotional at the women’s group and share a message during the young adult group. I am not sure I have ever felt the Lord’s presence as strongly as I did speaking to the young adult group on Saturday night. God is reminding me that when I fully trust & rely on Him, He is going to do great things!

Thank you for your prayers, and for being senders. God is good!